Small Authentic Talavera Ceramic Hot Air Balloon – Indoor/Outdoor

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Charming hand-painted Talavera hot air balloons in a 6-7” height and ready to hang indoors or out.

Up, up and away…inside or outdoors!

Our small size hot air balloons are hand-crafted and painted Talavera and are alight with bright, playful colors.

Two pieces – the balloon and the basket – are joined and hang with a slight sway when there’s a breeze.  Each balloon averages 6-7” in height (hand-made they will vary slightly) and comes with 15” of attached hanging string.  Sweet indoors and a delight when swinging gently from a branch in the garden or hung in the patio.

Please note:  Balloons sold individually.  As each is hand-made and hand-painted, designs and color could differ slightly from piece to piece making this a one-of-a-kind piece of folk art.  Please let us choose a special one just for you.

Hand-crafted in Mexico.