Authentic Hand-Painted Talavera Liquid Soap Dispenser

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A 7” height ceramic liquid soap dispenser, refillable, with pump top.  Authentic hand-painted Talavera.

At a time when washing your hands umpteen times a day has never been so important, why not make the process…beautiful?!

Our hand-painted refillable soap dispensers are authentic Mexican Talavera ceramic with each one a one-of-a-kind piece of folk art.

The plastic pump dispenser unscrews for easy refilling with your favorite liquid soap and we can see these babies beautifying your kitchen sink area, your bath area and even the laundry room.

Each is rectangular in shape and measures 7” in height, 3 ¼” in width.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each dispenser is hand-painted and is completely unique so please let us pick out a special one just for you.  All feature primary (and frisky!) colors of red, orange, cobalt, turquoise, yellow, lime, white and chocolate.