It began, as many things do, as a passion...

Traveling around the globe for work, an item brought back from this location or an item brought back from that location brought ooohs and aaaahs from those who saw them along with the request of "next time you're there, would you buy me one?" 

That turned into bringing back threes of things - and then dozens of things! - and a new business was born.  We now buy thousands of items each year from producers in almost thirty countries and what our items share in common are the uniqueness of the materials and cultures that spawned the art.  

In many instances we know the producer and can tell you details about how the item was created and a large percentage of our items are purchased under Fair Trade agreements or through Fair Trade suppliers. 

We believe strongly that travel and the embracing of other cultures makes for better relationships between people, countries and cultures. 

And that's a good thing...

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