Extra Large Worry Doll – Mother and Child 26821

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A 5.5” tall mother and child worry doll hand-crafted in Guatemala and wearing traditional clothing.

Worry dolls – often as small as ¼” tall – have met their match in this oversized worry doll from Guatemala.  Worry dolls are typically crafted as a problem solver; you tell your worry doll all your concerns as you go to bed, put the doll under your pillow and it takes on the worries while you get a good night’s sleep.

Our hand-crafted worry dolls wear traditional indigenous dress and depict a mother holding a child close.  A sweet gift to a pregnant friend or a new mom struggling with new responsibilities.  They also make charming additions to a wreath, diorama or dollhouse.

Dolls are sold individually and each is wonderfully unique; please let us pick out a very special one just for you.