Authentic Mexican Talavera Small Holy Water Font – 23420

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A 6.5” tall hand-painted Talavera ceramic holy water font.  Authentic Talavera.

Although traditionally found at the entrance to a church or chapel and used to hold holy water that’s been blessed and, in turn, blesses the user, our Talavera holy water fonts are so beautifully crafted that placing them near any entrance to a home or near an altar is both a tribute to faith as well as an addition of colorful folk art to a place you hold dear.

Measures 6.5” in height.  

Ready to hang on a flat surface and, while traditionally used for spiritual practice, we’ve found that many chef friends keep them near the stove or BBQ area when filled with coarse salt for putting the final touches on a heavenly meal.

PLEASE NOTE!   Each of our Talavera fonts are one-of-a-kind and completely unique.  While all of them have the traditional "fiesta" colors of red, cobalt blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange and brown, the patterns and use of color will vary with each.  Please let us pick out a very special one just for you.