Authentic Hand-Painted Talavera Soap Dish – Yellow

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A 6” wide hand-painted soap dish, authentic Mexican Talavera, with a 1 1/8” depth.

We get it…you’ve never washed your hands so much in your life!  Keeping soap nearby has never been more important and our authentic hand-painted Talavera soap dish keeps it beautiful while also being practical; with a nice oval shape it catches all the drips and spatters that can make the sink a mess.

A truly beautiful piece of folk art for your bath, kitchen or anywhere you keep soap!  Blends beautifully with our liquid soap dispenser should you keep both on your counter.  Sold individually.

Yellow rimmed, it measures 6” in width, 4” in height and 1 1/8” in depth.


PLEASE NOTE:  Dishes sold individually.  Because each dish is hand-crafted and painted, each can be different in pattern and design colors.  All will have the yellow rim combined with traditional “fiesta” Talavera designs colors which typically include red, orange, green, brown and cobalt.  Each is a unique piece of original folk art so please let us pick out a special one just for you.