Authentic Hand-Painted Talavera Coffee Mug 10 Ounce – Cobalt Blue Rim

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Food safe and microwave safe, a 10 oz. hand-painted Talavera coffee mug with cobalt blue rim.  

You’re not boring or run-of-the-mill…and your coffee drinking shouldn’t be either.

A 10 ounce coffee mug hand-painted and ready to drink from, you can easily reheat in the microwave and then put in the dishwasher!  Authentic Talavera ceramic, each is one of a kind and an original piece of folk art.  

Measures 3 ¾” in height.

PLEASE NOTE:  While your will be identical in size and with a cobalt blue rim and handle, each of these fabulous mugs are hand-painted and one-of-a-kind.  Please let us pick out a very special one just for you.  Please also note that at no time should alcohol be added to a drink prior to putting in the microwave – alcohol when heated can explode or catch your unit on fire! – so please add your alcohol of choice to your coffee or hot chocolate after removing from the microwave.