Wooden Framed Retablo “Moon Dance” 27107

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A 13” tall hand-painted and framed wooden retablo with a center image “Moon Dance.”


Retablos are typically painted depictions of important religious icons found throughout the Americas as well as Europe.  Nichos are wooden frames or boxes – much like a shadow box – which is used to either frame an iconic image or to serve as a mini-altar.


Some retablos, though, depict every day or fantasy scenes and this particular retablo depicts a simple woman reaching for the stars…while dancing with the moon.  An important message and a thoughtful gift to someone who needs inspiration.


Bold colors were used on this hand-crafted folk art piece including pink, yellow, turquoise, red and white.


It measures 13” in height, 6” in width and is ready to hang.

Hand-crafted in Mexico.