Enamel Tie Tack Pin of a UFO Space Ship With Message “I Want to Believe.”

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A 1 ¼” wide enamel pin of a UFO space ship with the words “I Want to Believe.”  Tie-tack back with butterfly clasp.

Believe in UFOs, other life forms and visitors from outer space?!  Good on ya! 
This fun, 1 1/4” wide enamel pin features a UFO space ship in a classic flying saucer design with the words “I Want to Believe.”  White and graphite gray.  Tie-tack design with a butterfly clasp.

A fun gift to tuck into a card or attach to a gift for your favorite Star Trek fan.  Charming on a lapel, purse strap or hat band – and sure to spark other-worldly conversations  - it can also be incorporated into a mixed media project of your own design.