Authentic Vintage Miniature Hand-Carved/Painted Yaqui Indian Pascola Dance Mask with Horsehair – 27196

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An authentic miniature Yaqui Pascola dance mask, carved in the 1970s, with horsehair.  Exceptional quality, collectible.

The Yaqui Indians call the Sonoran desert of Mexico – and the bordering Southwestern United States – home.  Descendants of the Toltec, their ritual dances include a Pascola – a ceremony leader and type of clown figure – who wears elaborate masks typically including both indigenous and Christian figures painted on them. 

The masks are hand-carved from local wood – often cottonwood – and traditionally painted black with white with red or orange highlights.  The masks are then adorned with “hair” crafted from horsehair, goat hair or grass-like agave fiber.

Masks range in size from life-size (and worn during the ceremonial dances) to smaller versions that were once used for trading with other tribes or sold as souvenirs. 

This Yaqui mask, carver unknown, measures 6 1/2” in height, 1 1/4” in width including the abundant hair and features a hanging loop.

Painted black and featuring a traditional cross on the forehead, it also has red and white painted accents with brown horsehair. 

Yaqui-crafted in Arizona.