Worry Dolls from Guatemala


Telling a friend or someone you trust your worries always help, right?  It's that whole "don't worry, be happy" thing.

Called "worry dolls," these miniature friends are crafted by hand in Guatemala with the express purpose of listening to your worries and concerns and taking those worries onto their broad (if diminutive) shoulders so that you can get a good night's rest or think about other, more productive things.

Hand crafted from cloth and paper, each doll is made entirely by hand and the persona of each is at the whim of the talented seamstress.  Our worry dolls are sold in sets of two (twice the shoulders for you to put your worries onto) and they're ready to share their friendship with you the minute they're on your pillow, in your car's cup holder or on your bedside table.  We think a set would be brilliant for your desk or to give to someone who's working their way through a dilemma...

Each one is unique - please let us find just the right pair for you - but each measures approximately 2 1/2" tall.

Fair trade purchased, Guatemala.