Wooden Framed Retablo of a Happy and Grateful Heart 25915

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A 13”” tall hand-painted and framed wooden retablo with a center image of a Milagro-style heart with a smiling sun, bird, tree and flower.

Retablos are painted depictions of important religious or notable icons (like Milagro shapes) and are found throughout the Americas as well as Europe.  Nichos are wooden frames or boxes – much like a shadow box – which is used to either frame an iconic image or to serve as a mini-altar.

Our nicho-style retablo is carved from wood with a one-inch deep frame just deep enough to hold tiny offerings such as Milagros, photos or religious medals. 

The interior of the nicho features a hand-painted depiction of an anatomical heart and the frame of the nicho is beautifully painted as well.  Vibrant colors were used on this hand-crafted folk art piece including black, apricot, red, turquoise, orange, yellow and fuchsia.

It measures 13” in height, 6” in width and is ready to hang.