Vintage Ethnic Nagaland Tribal Necklace with Bronze Bell 27203

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A stunning 34” length necklace from Nagaland India.  The pendant bell is bronze and, when worn, drapes 20” including the pendant.


A beautiful piece of ethnic jewelry art, this vintage ceremonial necklace features glass trade beads of yellow, terracotta and blue suspending an intricately patterned bell focal pendant. 


Heavy, this may certainly be worn as jewelry but also hung as tribal ethnic art on a wall. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In Nagaland, necklaces are often buried when not being actively worn to discourage mice and insects from chewing on the threads.  We do not clean our necklaces – our museum store clients and collectors prefer them in their natural state – but you may wipe the necklace down gently with warm water and a soft cloth.