Vintage African Lega Bantu Mask Democratic Republic of the Congo 27893

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A highly collectible 5.75” tall hand-carved wood Lega mask from the DRC, circa 1970s.


Hand-crafted from wood, the distinctive Lega features of this mask – a finely shaped nose and a three-dimensional, heart-shaped face – are accented by Kaolin clay “paint.”


Unlike full-size masks which are often worn over the face or on the back of the head during ceremonial events or dances, a smaller mask like this could be worn on the body as a necklace or adornment or simply placed on the ground during an initiation ceremony.  Hole perforations along the side of the mask would allow it to be strung a variety of ways and allows the collector to hang it easily on a wall or mount on a stand.


Measures 5.75” in height, 2.75” in width.