Small Hand-Carved Onyx Raven Fetish Totem Spirit Animal

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Beautifully hand-carved black onyx raven/crow fetish, spirit animal or totem.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY!

Although ancient Greeks believed that the raven or crow was a symbol of prophecy (and not always the good kind!) Native American lore has them as creatures of metamorphosis and rebirth...not unlike the phoenix.  

Our black onyx ravens are hand-carved with each having their own distinct personality and vibe.  These are tiny - designed for pocket or bedside - and although they may differ slightly in size, all average 1 1/4" in height. The natural glossiness of the onyx is the perfect stone to mimic the shininess of a raven's feathers and crown and their wings, face and beak are nicely detailed.

These little guys pack serious juju and are the perfect size to stand watch by your bedside, your office space or to ride along in your car for protection.  Consider adding them to a bonsai garden, miniature tableau or nestled into a house plant.  

Of course, they also make a great gift for that person in your life who needs a little encouragement towards a metamorphosis in their life...

Hand-crafted in Peru.