Quilled Paper Helicopter Ornament

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A sweet 2.5” tall ornament or folk art decoration of a helicopter hand-crafted from quilled paper.  

Quilled paper art – the craft of turning thin strips of paper into tightly rolled decorative figures – is an art form that goes back to the Renaissance era and was named for the quill often used to roll the paper around. 
Our quilled helicopter ornament is decidedly more contemporary in design but features the same painstaking work of turning hundreds of strips of paper into something truly one-of-a-kind.

Eco-friendly, the ‘copter is made from recycled magazine strips and each measures approximately 2 ½” in height, 3 ¼” in width.  Ready to hang as an ornament or art piece or to incorporate into a mixed-medium art project of your own.

A fabulous gift for a rotary wing pilot…

Hand-crafted in Vietnam.