Painted Tin Skull Ornament

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In many cultures within South and Central America, you celebrate those that have died and wish them a happy afterlife that might very well include celebrations of their own! 

Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead - is one such celebration but sugar skulls and brightly colored and adorned skull ornaments can be enjoyed year-round as a fun and festive reminder that life should be lived fully and in practice for whatever comes next! 

Our Mexican-style tin skulls are hand-painted in bright colors that are adorned with flowers and ready to hang on the wall, on a tree, from your rear-view mirror or anywhere the spirits (get it?!) tell you. 

4" in height, 3 1/8" in width.  Hand-painted, colors will vary but all with be bright and vibrant.  Please let us pick out a special one just for you.

Handcrafted in Mexico.