Navajo Storyteller Copper and Sterling Bracelet, Unisex - 22186

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A stunning, extra-wide unisex copper, brass and sterling silver bracelet, Navajo hand-crafted, made in New Mexico.

Hand-crafted by a skilled Navajo artist - and stamped with his hallmark - this stunning (and large size) copper and sterling bracelet fits a maximum 8" wrist/arm and measures 1 1/4" in width.  Crafted for a medium-to-large adult wrist, modestly adjustable.

Copper lies directly against the skin which many people believe increases circulation flow and helps alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Not sure of your wrist or arm size?  Place an existing cuff-style bracelet on your arm and push it to its most comfortable resting spot.  Using string, wrap the same area and measure where the string end meets the string length.  Or, simply wrap the string around the desired resting spot for a bracelet and do the same allowing for extra room for putting the bracelet on; please remember that cuff bracelets should initially be put on higher on the arm - in the "fleshy" part of the arm - and then slid up or down as desired.