Hand-Crafted Worry Doll Key Chain Zipper Pull Purse Fob

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A hand-crafted and stitched traditional worry doll key chain, zipper pull or purse fob.  Averages 4” in total length including ½” split ring.

Originating in Guatemala but popular throughout South America, worry dolls are hand-crafted miniature human figures that, dressed in indigenous attire, are given to someone you care about who is worried about things in their life.  The myth around them says that if you tell your worries to the doll and then place it under your pillow, you will sleep “above and over” the worries the doll has taken in and you’ll wake up refreshed.

Our worry doll key rings are a delightful way to carry your keys but also to dress up the zipper pull on a jacket, a day pack, laptop case, gym bag or to add as a decorative fob to a purse.

Each is completely hand-made, unique and one-of-a-kind.  All average 4” in total length including their ½” split ring; please let us pick out a special one just for you.  Sold individually.

hand-crafted in Guatemala.