Hand-Crafted Three-Legged Clay Chanchito Pig 26330

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A small, 1 ¾” tall hand-crafted, three-legged Chanchito pig in natural terracotta. 

Believed to bring good fortune to all who receive one, the famous three-legged pig known as a “Chanchito” has its good luck reputation due to a fairytale; after being raised with a farm full of pigs and taken to the slaughterhouse, the pig with only three legs was rejected by the slaughterhouse and returned to the farm where he lived out his days in happiness.

In a custom which originated in Chile but is now celebrated throughout South and Central America, to give a Chanchito is to wish the recipient good luck, happiness and to be spared from hardship.  To have a Chanchito near you – on your desk, on your bedside table, in your car – is to have fortune by your side.

Our Chanchitos are hand-crafted from red clay, sport a curly tail and a wide-eyed, happy look.  Please note that each is hand-crafted and size and shape may vary slightly; please let us pick out a special, one-of-a-kind pig just for you.

Each averages 2 ¼” in length, 2” in width and 1 ¾” high.

Hand-crafted in Chile.