Hand-Carved Tagua Nut Ornament of a Hedgehog 26443

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A charming 2 1/2” wide hedgehog ornament or figurine hand-carved from the Tagua nut.  Ready to hang.


Tagua nuts – sometimes called an ivory nut or fatty nut – is a product of the Tagua palm and, when dried, the cream-hued interior nut carves similarly to elephant or walrus tusk ivory but is kinder and sustainable.  The product of a tree native to South and Latin America, the economic benefits of harvesting the nuts for folk art use is key to preventing the deforestation and destruction of these trees in both crop areas and in the forests.


This sweet ornament of a hedgehog has been hand-carved with fine detail and can be hung on a Christmas tree or kept out year-round for all “Hedgie” lovers to enjoy.  Hand-crafted, each will vary slightly in size but all average 2” in height, 2 1/2” in width. Please let us pick out a very special one for you.


Handmade in Ecuador.