Hand-Carved Stone Triceratops Dinosaur

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Although incredibly fierce-looking and massive in size, the Triceratops dinosaur was actually a plant-eating gentle giant.  Good on you, Triceratops!

Our miniature version of a Triceratops is hand-carved from soapstone and, with each piece crafted by hand, sizes will vary slightly but all average 1 1/4" in length and 1 1/8" in height.  They're the perfect size for bedside, desk top pocket or on a dash.  And, needless to say, little kids think they're the coolest things ever...

Colors will also vary slightly based on the particular stone being carved but all are beautifully marbled and typically feature soft, muted colors of cream, brown, sand, soft gray and terracotta.  Please let us pick out a very special one for you.

Hand-carved in Peru.