Hand-Carved Soapstone Wolf Fetish/Totem/Spirit Animal

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They're an icon of fierce freedom, strength and the open wild.  

And, let's face it, wolves are awfully damn handsome...

They're also endangered and so we say bringing more wolves into our lives can only help in gaining awareness, no?

Our gorgeous wolves are hand-carved from soapstone and, with each piece crafted by hand, sizes will vary slightly but all average 1 1/4" in length and 1 1/8" in height.  They're the perfect size for bedside, altar, desk top, pocket or on a dash.  

Colors will also vary slightly based on the particular stone being carved but all are beautifully marbled and typically feature soft, muted colors of cream, brown, sand, soft gray and terracotta.  Please let us pick out a very special one for you.