Carved Stone Bear, Medium


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For almost all Native American or Indigenous Peoples, the bear is a powerful symbol of strength, courage and perseverance.  A carved bear totem or fetish is believed to be imbued with the same characteristics that can then transfer to the holder and believer.

This sturdy bear is hand-carved from soapstone and his fur, snout and ears (and claws!) are on wonderful display. 

With each piece hand made, his size and colors will vary slightly but all average 1 1/2" tall and 2 1/4" long with stone colors that range from cream and light coffee to dark chocolate and a lovely brick color.


He'd made a wonderful addition to an altar, retablo or mixed media project or, simply, as a totem to remind you about staying strong when you're feeling anything but. 

A brilliant gift for a friend or loved one for the very same reasons...

Hand-carved in Peru.