Carved Soapstone Pig, Small

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If these little pigs aren't the cutest thing you've seen in a long time, we give up.

Hand-carved from soapstone, these little piggies want to go wee-wee-wee all the way to your home using their four little sturdy legs and with ears cocked to hear your favorite pig call.

Hand-carved, each will vary slightly in size but average 1" in height and 1 1/2" in length.  Colors will vary, too, based on the block of stone but most will fall into the marbled creams, cocoas, light pinks or browns and be wonderfully unique...just like natural pigs!  Please let us choose a special one just for you.

A great addition to a retablo, altar space or even nativity scene, these little guys bring humor and intelligence (pigs are, BTW, incredibly smart) to your life or the life of someone who just loves their little piggies!

Hand-carved in Peru.