Carved Soapstone Lucky Chanchito Three-Legged Pig Totem Fetish Figurine

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A lucky three-legged Chanchito pig figurine carved from soapstone.  

Got Chanchito?!

Chanchitos are believed to carry great luck and to gift someone with a three-legged Chanchito pig is to wish upon them good fortune and serious luck.  Based on a Chilean children's story about how a three-legged pig was spared from the slaughter house, the mystique behind this little guy remains.

Carved from soapstone, our little chanchito pig measures 1 3/8" in length, 7/8" in height.  A sweet figure to keep on your desk, by your bedside or in your car for luck or to give someone who could use a good luck token of their own.  A don't forget those born in the Year of the Boar/Pig...double-good juju!

One of the lovely things about soapstone is the myriad colors it comes in - just like pigs! - and the striations that it has.  All of our chanchitos are hand-carved from natural soapstone so please let us pick out a very special one just for you.