Carved Soapstone Burro, Medium


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Everyone knows that in spite of their reputation as asses, burros are the real workhorse of any farm...

Sturdy, strong and determined, these little burros stand steady on their feet, ears perked and a wistful look on their face.  Their faces, mane and tail are nicely carved and they can't help but make you smile.

With each piece of stone carved by hand, sizes may vary a tiny bit but all average 1 1/2" tall and 2 1/4" long.  Each will also have their own unique coloring (much like real burros!) based on the individual piece of stone but most feature marbled shades of cream, mocha or chocolate.  Please let us pick out a very special one for you.

These little burros make a great good-luck totem or can be used in mixed media pieces, retablos, nativity scenes, on altars or as you choose.


Hand-carved in Peru.