Carved Soapstone Boar, Small


A boar, yes.  A bore, never! 

With tusks displayed proudly and an alert, eager look on his face, this little boar knows exactly what he's rooting and foraging for...a home.

Hand-carved from soapstone and featuring the colors that soapstone is known for - marbled shades of cream, brown, espresso, russet and gray - these little guys stand sturdy on four feet.  Varying slightly in size based on the stone block they were carved from, most average 7/8" in height and 1 1/4" in length.   Please let us choose a very special one for you.

Ideal to work into an altar, tableau, nativity or retablo project, this little guy would be just as happy sitting on your desk or table while rooting for you all the way.

Hand-carved in Peru.