Carved Soapstone Bat

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Batty about...bats?!

The only mammal that can fly, bats are fabulous creatures that - in spite of the misinformation found in horror movies! - help farmers keep insects at bay the organic and natural way.  And these bats?  Too.  Damn.  Cute.

These little guys are beautifully carved with wide, open wings and inquisitive faces and eyes.  Each will vary slightly in size but they average 1 3/8" wide and the natural colors of soapstone means that they feature unique shades of cream, brown, gray and coffee.  Please let us pick out a special one for you.

Nicely sized as a good luck fetish or totem that can accompany you in the car, on your desk or bedside table, these little guys (or gals!) can serve as an important reminder to see below the surface and find the unique benefits to every creature.

Hand-carved in Peru.