Carved Red Snakeskin Cat


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Hand-carved from snakeskin jasper - a type of jasper prized for its natural speckles and spots - this reddish-beige cat bears stripes across her backside (kind of like a tabby) and then a lovely streak of deep, brick red through her face and chest.  An absolutely lovely piece of stone.

BTW, she also has a fascinating line that runs from the top of the stone down, diagonally to the other side; it's neither a crack nor an artist's cut but simply an unusual line in the a truly striking cat fetish! 

As a totem she carries both the aloofness and the powerful mojo that cats not only aspire to but that the gemstone jasper brings to the holder.  Jasper is believed to bring a "presentness" and centeredness to the wearer or holder of the stone and this carved kitty is not only present but very, very aware...


Measuring 1 1/2" tall and 1" wide, she's perfectly sized for a bedside table, desk, pocket, altar or car console where she'll gently remind you to live in the moment...