• Vintage Javanese Carved Wood and Plaster Topeng Dance Mask – 23095


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    A beautiful Javanese dance mask constructed from carved wood and plaster and featuring hand-painted detailing.  Measures 7.5” in height and ready to hang.

    Usually accompanied by Gamelan music, Indonesian dancers have used “Topeng” masks – typically crafted from wood or wood covered in plaster – for centuries in their ritual dances that tell the myths and stories of kings and heros.  In Java, the dances are known as Wayan Gedog or Wayan Topeng.

    This Topeng mask is from the 1950s (we think) and is crafted from fine plaster laid over hand-carved wood.  It’s been intricately painted and with the exception of some chipped plaster on the nose tip, is in exceptional condition.

    Ready to hang on the wall as art, Topeng masks are considered highly collectible and appear in museum collections all over the globe.

    Measures 7.5” in height, 6” in width and, quite three dimensional, 4 ¼” in depth.