Tibetan Silver Charm/Pendant of Giraffe and Baby


Is it a pendant or is it a charm?  We think that at 2 1/16" tall and 1 7/8" wide it definitely stands out as a pendant - and one that's sure to generate compliments! - but this Giraffe family of parent and child is a knock-out no matter what you call it. 


Crafted from lead-free Tibetan silver, this three-dimensional piece captures the graceful neck and calm expression of one of Africa's most fascinating animals.


Absolutely striking on a chain or cord necklace, this charm comes without a bail or split-ring; if you'd like a split ring so that this beauty is ready-to-wear on your favorite neck piece, please tell us when you order and we'll attach one free of charge!  Also please note that this is a single charm...we've shown two side-by-side and slightly angled so that you can better see the three-d design.