Small Rustic Heart-Shaped Carved Wood Mexican Batea Dough Bowl 26320

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A 6.5” tall hand-carved rustic wooden batea or dough bowl in a heart shape.


Bateas – dough bowls – are found as a practical kitchen item throughout Mexico and Latin America.  Carved from a single piece of wood,  they’re hollowed out to form a “trough” that bread dough or masa for tortillas is made in prior to kneading or flattening for final preparation.


Our heart-shaped batea isn’t for cooking but for rustic – and very beautiful – décor!  Fill it with wax for a hand-crafted candle or use it for jewelry, potpourri, ear swabs and cotton balls in the bath or for holding any other small item.


Our bateas are solid wood, stained a medium brown and measure 6.5” in height, 6” in width.

Hand-crafted in Mexico.