Recycled Plastic Bag Pouch


Don't keep your commitment to recycling under wraps...carry a pouch crafted from recycled wrappers!

Sanitized coated plastic potato chip bags and wrappers are crafted into very cool, very hip and moisture-resistant pouches by Bangladesh women who line and trim the pouches with a velvety-soft green fabric. 

Closing off with a Velcro tab, this pouch's soft lining is nice against a cell phone screen or, with some tissue added, it makes a great two-in-one gift package that's far superior - in looks AND in juju - to those tacky paper gift bags.  Also makes a great stocking stuffer.

Plus, these pouches are a lot of fun to read (at least until you get to the cholesterol and calorie count...)

Measures 5.5" x 3.5" 

Fair trade purchased, Bangladesh.