• Ojime Bead - Little Goat


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     Originally designed as beads - called ojime - and used in the 17th century in Asia to slide along cord and close off sashes and pouches, the art of ojime blended into what we now call netsuke; original works of hand carved art crafted from wood, stone, bone or ivory. 

    Anyone who's been head-butted by a goat knows that they're fiercely independent, have minds of their own and a sly, devilish sense of humor.  This little goat is carved from cognac-colored boxwood but is calmly curled up with his little goateed-face staring off into space while he contemplates his next round of mischief.

    Measuring only 3/4" high and 3/4" wide, he's drilled to be used as a true ojime bead would or he can sit nicely on his own.