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Netsuke: Turtle Basking on Lily Pad


What a lovely way to laze the day away!  This lucky little turtle is sunbathing herself while perched on a lily pad, all four feet spread for balance and head up to look for the careless insect that will make for lunch!

Carved from light-colored boxwood, she measures 2 3/8" wide and 7/8" tall and her nice, flat shape would make her a charming traveling companion on the console or dashboard of your car while heading out for fun in the sun.

Netsuke has evolved from the 17th century Japanese art of carving intricate beads called ojime from bone, stone, wood or ivory.  These beads were used to close off clothing and pouches and over the centuries the art of carving intricate miniatures has made netsuke highly collectible.  Netsuke can be found in fine museums and galleries all over the globe and carvings often feature the animals or mythic creatures that make up the Asian zodiacs.