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Netsuke: Patient Dog


What a good boy! 

This taller-than-normal netsuke is hand-carved from dark, glossy boxwood and this pup is sitting patiently waiting for his owner. 

Measuring 2 3/4 inches tall and 1 3/4" wide, he's got a sweet look on his face, floppy ears and even the underside of his paws are carved out complete with nails.  He's loyal, makes no messes and passes the test with the landlord.  We think he certainly deserves a cookie...

Netsuke has evolved from the 17th century Japanese art of carving intricate beads called ojime from bone, stone, wood or ivory.  These beads were used to close off clothing and pouches and over the centuries the art of carving intricate miniatures has made netsuke highly collectible.  Netsuke can be found in fine museums and galleries all over the globe and carvings often feature the animals or mythic creatures that make up the Asian zodiacs.