Netsuke: Large Fish


Large by most netsuke standards, this beautifully carved fish is every angler's hope and dream. 

And, because of his (relative-to-Netsuke) size, he's the stuff that whopping fish tales are made of!

With scales, gills and expression beautifully carved into dark boxwood, this fish stands (stands?!) 1 1/2" tall and is nearly 4" wide. 

Netsuke has evolved from the 17th century Japanese art of carving intricate beads called ojime from bone, stone, wood or ivory.  These beads were used to close off clothing and pouches and over the centuries the art of carving intricate miniatures has made netsuke highly collectible.  Netsuke can be found in fine museums and galleries all over the globe and carvings often feature the animals or mythic creatures that make up the Asian zodiacs.