• Mata Ortiz Seed Pot...With Bunnies!

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    Rabbits abound on this sweet hand-coiled seed pot painted in black, rust and cream. 

    Measuring approximately 2" across, this seed pot was made by Lore Soto, an artist known for her fine painting techniques and steady hand. 

    And, if the rabbits that circle the pot aren't enough, Lore added a swift antelope icon on the bottom of the pot... 

    Although seed pots have morphed into a more art-centric collectible in the last twenty years, their history is both practical and cultural.   

    Centuries ago, indigenous peoples would use local clay to build small pots that could hold carefully collected agricultural seed following a harvest and keep it safe until the following spring.  The pot, with the top sealed close with pine sap, a corn kernel or mud, would keep the precious seed safe from moisture, insects and mice through the winter.  Come spring, the pot would be broken and a new harvest would begin...

    A wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates hand-crafted pottery and finely detailed art, a seed pot would make a thoughtful token for the gardener in your life...

     Handcrafted in Mata Ortiz.