• Mata Ortiz Seed Pot, Large, with Geometric Design


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    A tremendous amount of painting went into this uniquely large Mata Ortiz seed pot; the geometric design in rust and black completely covers the top, "belly" and bottom of the pot.  Artist signed.    

    This is a large version of a traditional seed pot and measures 3.5" wide, 1 3/4" tall. 

    Seed pots - with traditional shapes often resembling "flying saucers" - are a wonderful design with historical importance.  At the end of every harvest, indigenous people had to store seed for the following planting season with the trick being keeping moisture, rodents and insects out of the valuable commodity.  The trick was to create a small pot with a small top opening that, once full, could be closed off securely with pine resin, a pebble or mud.  Then, in spring, the pot would be broken and the dry, secure seed planted successfully.  

    Stunning in its high quality of work and quite collectible.

    Casas Grandes, Mexico