Haitian Oil Drum Ornament - Angel with Horn


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Hand-crafted in Haiti from recycled oil drums, our angels are proudly - and loudly?! - blowing their horns about how lucky they feel to know you.  Purchased fair trade, an extraordinary amount of skill and time went into the fine detailing that graces each edge of the angel, her wings and her cap of hair; each tiny point is made by hand using a sharply pointed tool and then gently hammered to create the detail but without piercing the metal itself.  Absolutely wonderful.

*Please note:  This ornament is made from recycled steel so minor discolorations and patina of the metal are possible; frankly, we think it's part of the charm but you can also treat the spot with a bit of baby oil on a cotton ball.  Also note that if hung outside, the steel will naturally rust and patina over time.

A true piece of art, this ornament  averages 4 1/2" wide.  She comes with a hanging string to make it ready for your Christmas tree, your rear-view mirror or to hang above a doorway for good blessings.   HAITI.