Carved Wooden Kitchen Scoop with Dragon Head


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Let's face it; a lot of chores in the morning - like scooping coffee grounds into the coffee pot - are...boring. 

Mundane.  Same-o, same-o.

This hand carved scoop will change all of that with a bit of exotic style and a whole lot of dragon power.   Carved from light-colored boxwood, this scoop measures out the ground coffee equivalent of two of those horrid little plastic scoops that come with larger coffee tins.  The difference is not only beauty and aesthetics but the sheer magic that the beautifully detailed dragon handle brings to the job.   His jaws are slightly open, teeth showing, and his mane and scales flow right from the handle and down towards where the utilitarian part of the scoop starts.

 Got a Keurig or make getting coffee from a shop your daily routine?  No worries; this nimble guy will just as easily scoop rice, sugar, salt or orzo  - or, uh, perfume-y bath salts - just as sleekly and with equal finesse. 

Dragons are known, you know, for their finesse.