Carved Soapstone Frog, Medium


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So, uh, what was that again about frogs turning into princes?

This prince of a frog is almost four times the size of our littlest frog.  He's hand-carved from soapstone and with his legs set to hop and bright eyes fixed on the horizon, we think he might just be headed in your direction...

Crafted individually from blocks of stone, each of these little guys will differ slightly in size and color but all average 1 3/8" tall and 2" long and most will feature the very frog-like colors that soapstone offers; tans and creams, rusts and browns.  Please let us choose a very special one for you.

Wonderful as a good luck fetish or totem that can accompany you in the car, on your desk or bedside table, one of these little guys (or gals!) would also make a great, tongue-in-cheek gift for a friend who's currently finding most men to be simply, well, toads, and could use a good laugh and some encouragement.